Buttons, Buttons, who makes your buttons?


Buttons for a Cause: UConn HuskyTHON

We love making custom buttons for causes we can get behind! These 1″ custom buttons are for the University of Connecticut organization HuskyTHON, the largest student-run philanthropy here in Just Buttons’ home state. But what exactly is HuskyTHON? HuskyTHON is a year long fundraising effort at the University of Connecticut that raises funds for Connecticut […]


Client Button Showcase: Hartford Prints!

We recently had the pleasure of working on custom buttons and magnets for another Connecticut-based small business, Hartford Prints! Founded in 2009, Hartford Prints! has grown significantly in the past few years. They moved into a retail space in 2013, and have continually produced “unique letterpress stationary that is modern and fun.” These custom buttons […]


Our Graphics Team is Amazing!

You may not realize it, but there’s a lot of work that goes into every custom button order before it even gets to the production floor. A client may have an idea of what they want, but find that they are unable to execute the design in their head. That’s where our graphics team comes […]


Client Button Showcase: GiantSweep

Over the last year, GiantSweep has been ordering swag from Just Buttons. GiantSweep is a community action group in San Francisco with the aim of eliminating litter and beautifying the city. One of the pieces of swag that GiantSweep has been using to promote their cause are our 1.25″ custom buttons. Just Buttons has already […]


Plastic Backs on Rounds? No Way!

Going through our Instagram feed, we discovered a growing trend among some of our competitors. Some companies are now relying on cheap imported  (usually from China) plastic button backs on their rounds instead of the considerably more durable recycled steel backs used by Just Buttons. Why are they doing this? The answer is simple- they […]


Client Button Showcase- Merci Beaucoup Bakery

Merci Beaucoup Bakery has been featured on WeTV and in Brides Magazine, and baker Reva Alexander-Hawk and associate Karah Williams recently competed on the Food Network show From Duff Till Dawn.  The Santa Rosa, California bakery has been around for over a decade, and this month they’re taking their skills on the road to Cake […]


Client Button Showcase: MilkMade Ice Cream

Just Buttons has had a long standing relationship with MilkMade Ice Cream. Since their inception in 2009, MilkMaid has produced unique pints of ice cream for their list of subscribers. Two pint of unique flavored ice cream is delivered to their customers’ doors and they are accompanied by two Just Button magnets. The unique swag […]


Client Button Showcase: Famous Beard Oil Co.

We were all excited to do these 1.25″ custom buttons for Eric Lough’s Famous Beard Oil Company! Like us here at Just Buttons, the Famous Beard Oil Company handcrafts their orders for each client. Their products are 100% natural and come in a wide variety of scents. According to their website, “Eric D. Lough’s Famous […]


Case Study: Trade show buttons

With trade show season in full swing, it is worth it to consider the marketing power of buttons. Just Buttons deals with a wide variety of business producing swag solely for the purpose of handing out at trade shows. One of our biggest customers in this field is Bio-Rad. Having produced literally hundreds of thousands […]


Looking for a Little Sparkle? Try Acetate!

As a default, our buttons are printed on high quality white paper and covered with a protective layer of mylar. But sometimes, our customers want something that makes their designs stand out a little more. Acetate buttons are a great way to accomplish this! Acetate is a plastic film that we print on instead of […]